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The Wheel

Available NOW as a native iPhone or iPod Touch App from the AppStore for only:

$5.99 (USD)

(Note: This description describes version 1.1 which is a free upgrade from v1.0 but not yet released by Apple.)

The Wheel is a gestational age calculator (also known as a pregnancy wheel) used every day by doctors, obstetricians, midwives, nurses, and pregnant women. The Wheel is the most elegant, beautiful, and functional replacement for analog calculators ever developed on ANY computing device.

The Wheel easily and accurately determines the estimated delivery date (EDD), or due date, of a pregnancy based on the first day of a woman's last menstrual period (LMP). The Wheel also effortlessly calculates an EDD based on a known gestational age (GA) on a known date, e.g. from an ultrasound measurement performed at any time during pregnancy.

However, in its primary day-to-day workhorse role, when the EDD is already known, The Wheel simplifies the precise calculation of the gestational age of a fetus anytime during pregnancy in LARGE, easy-to-read characters.

AND, The Wheel is the ONLY gestational age calculator that lets you know about the full moon(s) for each month!

The Wheel is also available in Spanish, German, Italian, and French versions.


The Wheel displays one of three 'modes'. Within each mode you will see the calendar month that contains the day for either an LMP, EDD, or whatever day is chosen as 'Today'. Changing modes is as simple as tapping on the desired mode at the top of the calculator.

Navigating between Months:
You can choose the next month or previous month in any mode by tapping on the arrow buttons at the top of the calendar. When you want to choose a date that is more than one or two months away, simply tap the Month-Year header on the calendar to bring up Apple's built-in date picker, select a month, day, or year, and then tap Done to use the chosen date.

EDD from LMP:
Switch to the LMP mode, navigate to the correct month, tap on the desired LMP day, and then switch to the EDD mode to see the new EDD.

EDD from GA: (new in v1.1)
Switch to the Today mode, navigate to the date where the GA is known, then tap anywhere on the gestational age display area (immediately below the calendar), choose the weeks and day(s) from the GA picker that appears, tap on Done, and then switch to the EDD mode to see the new EDD. Note: You can only access the GA picker from the Today mode.

GA from EDD (or LMP):
Switch to the EDD mode, navigate to the correct month, tap on the desired EDD day, and view the GA below the calendar (again, based on the default date, which is the current date, or the date chosen in the Today mode).

GA from any date:
Once the EDD (or LMP) is entered, switch to the Today mode, navigate to the desired month, tap on the desired day, and then view the GA below based on the reference date you have chosen. The default for the Today date is the current date.



To contact us about The Wheel, send your questions, comments, and suggestions to info@eNATAL.com.