Your Days at a Glance!

colorCal is a flexible, quick, and easy-to-use calendar to help you plan, document, and track your days! With just a glance, you can see one month or FOUR months at a time.

Plan & Document Your Days in Just Seconds!

It just takes a tap or swipe to mark your days as "special" with ANY meaning that you assign to each mark and calendar!

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for the iPhone and the iPod Touch
Compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.
Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.
English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

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colorCal In Depth...


Your Calendar. Your Life.

Each colorCal calendar tracks one aspect of your life and activities.

This Calendar view lets you view and manage this aspect a month at a time. You can add (or remove) marks with just a tap of your finger. To mark (or remove) a series of days, simply swipe across the days.

Want to look at another month? Just flick up or down to flip the calendar, or swipe across the top to quickly move between months.

Want to look at another aspect of your life? Just swipe the footer and move to any other calendar.

Make Your Own Mark!

With colorCal, you pick any color of the rainbow and assign any label to each of your calendars, and designate any meaning to each of the five built-in calendar marks.

There's also a special mark to write a brief note to add extra details to any day.

ALL of these marks can be used for EVERY day of the year for every calendar. When any day gets "crowded", just tap and hold that day to see a list of all the marks for that day (in Calendar).

Four Months at a Time!

The Overview is an incredible feature that lets you look at one aspect of your life FOUR months at a time!

The Overview also serves as a navigation device that lets you quickly jump to any of the displayed months.

And to go forward or backward four months at a time, just flick the screen up or down. And like the Calendar view, you can switch calendars by swiping across the footer.

Busy Days and a Busy Month!

Sometimes the various activities in your life will overlap with each other, and you need to see what's going on for all aspects of your life.

With just a tap, colorCal will show you what days have activities from all of your calendars.

And with just another tap, you can see a list of what's going on those days.

Let Everyone Know!

Both the Overview and Calendar views let you email your calendars, as pictures and lists, to your family, friends, co-workers, bosses, etc.

The Calendar view additionally lets you send a list of ALL marks for ALL calendars in colorCal for any one month.

Now you can keep everyone informed about your life and what you have done, plan to do, or when's the next practice or game.

Day by Day.

In the Lists view, colorCal gives you the opportunity to "slice and dice", analyze, and summarize your calendars, marks, and activities.

For any of the options in Lists, you can choose to limit your curiosity to eight different time periods (e.g. 7 days, 30 days, etc. or All days).

The Date view lists your calendar and marks according to dates for any period you choose. This view is ideal to see all the marks for any day of the year for all aspects (calendars) of your life, all brought together in one place.

One Thing at a Time.

The Calendar list shows the marks for each of your calendars sorted by date without the clutter of the marks from all of your other calendars.

You can quickly go to other calendars by simply tapping on the calendar name on the right.

Count the Marks.

The Mark list groups all identically-labeled marks in one place.

Additionally, colorCal presents counts for each mark for whatever time period you have chosen.

This is a great way to find out how many vacation days you have taken or planned for the last year, or track how many "special" events occurred in the last month.

(Notice that you can read notes right in these lists.)

For Busy People - Buy colorCal+ or Upgrade in the App!

UNLIMITED Calendars!

The lite version of colorCal includes two calendars, each with five customizable marks and a note mark, so you can mark and track ten activities of your life and two separate notes for every day of the year. That's more than enough things to keep manage for many people.

However, for folks with really complicated lives, they can instantly upgrade colorCal within the application to add two new fantastic features.

After the upgrade, you can create and edit an UNLIMITED number of colorful calendars to track unlimited aspects of your life.

OR, you can just purchase colorCal+ from the App Store and begin right away!

Don't Lose Your Life.

After the In-App-Purchase upgrade, or if you purchased colorCal+, you will have the ability to backup and restore all of the information you have so carefully entered into colorCal to another computer on your wireless network.

This backup is a snapshot in time and can become VERY valuable in case your iPhone or iPod Touch is damaged or stolen or has to be restored to factory settings for whatever reasons.