Perfectly Time Your Talks!

Podium Timer is a simple, elegant, and versatile timer designed for public speakers, and for those timing them.

  • Large, easy-to-read numbers
  • Time talks up to 99 minutes in three phases
  • Configure each phase by length and color
  • Three Time Displays
  • Four beautiful "skins"
  • Multi-tasking, Retina Display
  • Remote Control with iPhone

Whether you are giving a talk, presentation, speech, or lecture, Podium Timer replaces your wristwatch on the podium with something you can actually read.

Podium Timer was superbly designed to keep you on-time, and to avoid mishaps during these particularly anxious moments of your life.

Podium Timer can even act as a REMOTE CONTROL for Podium Timer HD! Now, place an iPad anywhere in front of the speaker and control every aspect of Podium Timer HD from your seat!

Both apps are iOS4 compatible and support both retina display and multi-tasking.

Get Podium Timer NOW!
for the iPhone and the iPod Touch

Only $3.99
iPhone and iPod Touch.
iOS 3.0 or later.
English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Get Podium Timer HD NOW!
for the iPad

Currently FREE!!!
iPad with iOS 3.2 or later.
English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Remote Control with Podium Timer!

Podium Timer In-Depth...


Timer Display

Podium Timer displays the time remaining, the time elapsed, and the current time. Each of these displays are readily available with just a swipe. You can also choose to have these three displays cycle every eight seconds without even touching your device. With just a tap and a slide, you can change the time for any phase of the talk.



Podium Timer lets you configure the total time of the talk in minutes (up to 99 minutes) and lets you break down each talk into three distinct phases. The clock display can be either in a 12-hour civilian or 24-hour military format. And when talks go overtime, the numbers flash and the timers start counting the time over the limit.


Have It Your Way

Besides the availability of four beautiful "skins" (brushed metal, black, walnut, and heads-up display) you can choose the color of the numbers for each phase from a dozen colors (e.g. Green for plenty of time left, Yellow for get ready to close, and Red for finish up quickly). Besides colors, you can also configure the numbers to glow, have shadows, or display "ghost" characters. So, you can make Podium Timer to look like an LCD, LED, or a heads-up display timer. Additionally, you can specify whether the numbers flash to signify whatever you want.


Remote Control!

If you have both versions of Podium Timer, you can use your iPhone to remotely control every aspect of Podium Timer HD on your iPad! This will work whether both devices are on the same WiFi network or not (Bluetooth-capable devices required and both devices must be within 30 feet of each other).


In Case You're Bored

Both versions of Podium Timer are multi-taskers because your devices can often receive text messages or phone calls at the same time you're timing a talk. Podium Timer will keep on timing and let you ignore distractions (unless you reply to text messages).

And if you're using Podium Timer on an iPhone that is remotely controlling Podium Timer HD, if you're bored, you can multi-task and go check our some websites, check your email, or even play a game (a low-memory consumption one), and Podium Timer keeps the talk schedule on-time without missing a beat.