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The Wheel SP

Available from the AppStore for only:

$1.99 (USD)

The Wheel SP is now the most powerful and easiest-to-use gestational age calculator in the App Store!

The Wheel SP (for 'SPinner') is a gestational age calculator (also known as a pregnancy wheel) that is used every day by doctors, obstetricians, midwives, nurses, and pregnant women. The Wheel SP is a professional tool that replaces and enhances the functionality of those worn-out cardboard wheels without compromise.

The Wheel SP accurately determines the estimated delivery date (EDD), or due date, of a pregnancy based on the first day of a woman's last menstrual period (LMP), or from the date of conception, or from a known gestational age (GA) on a known date, e.g. from an ultrasound measurement, or from fetal biometry like Crown-Rump Length (CRL), Femur Length (FL), and Biparietal Diameter (BPD). Additionally, for appropriate gestational ages, The Wheel SP estimates fetal weight and display the number of days completed and remaining.

However, in its primary day-to-day role for healthcare providers, when the EDD is already known, The Wheel SP enables the precise calculation of the gestational age of a fetus at anytime during pregnancy in LARGE, easy-to-read characters.

To enter Gestational Age, CRL, FL, or BPD for a specific date, tap "Today", enter the desired date, then repeatedly tap on the newly-displayed button displaying the gestational age to cycle through GA, CRL, FL and BPD.

To see information about the current gestational age (e.g. fetal weight, days completed/remaining) tap the gestational age display when NOT highlighted in white.

The Wheel displays four 'modes' for each of the four dates you can manipulate. Within each mode you will see the dates for either an LMP, Conception Date, EDD, or whatever day is chosen as 'Today', and a spinning date picker below. Changing modes is as simple as tapping on the desired mode.

EDD from LMP:
Switch to the LMP mode, select a date from the date spinner below, and then instantly view the new EDD.

EDD from GA:
Switch to the Today mode, spin to the date where the GA is known, then tap on the gestational age display area (a button will highlight the area), and a GA picker appears. Choose the weeks and day(s) from the GA picker and instantly view the changes in the EDD (and LMP). Note: You can only access the GA picker from the Today mode.

GA from EDD (or LMP):
Switch to the EDD mode, spin to the correct EDD, and instantly view the new GA (and LMP) based on the default date, which is the current date, or the date chosen in the Today mode.

GA from any date:
Once the EDD (or LMP) is entered, switch to the Today mode, spin to the desired reference date and immediatly see the new GA. The default for the Today date is the current date.

The Wheel SP remembers the last EDD you entered.


To contact us about The Wheel, send your questions, comments, and suggestions to info@eNATAL.com.