<%@LANGUAGE="VBSCRIPT" CODEPAGE="1252"%> xoCal - An iPhone Calendar for the Rest of Us


Available from the App Store for only:

$1.99 (USD)

Finally, a flexible, quick, and easy-to-use calendar for the rest of us!

The built-in Calendar app is a great multi-function appointment calendar, but it is way too much and way too complicated if you just want to mark a day as "special". And if you want to mark a series of days as special, Calendar becomes painful to use. xoCal lets you effortlessly mark any day, or even a series of days, as important without struggling with an endless parade of screens, fiddling with on-screen keyboards, or tapping buttons one after another.

You can mark any special day with just ONE tap with xoCal! If you want to "circle the day" as extra special, then just double-tap on the day. And if you want to mark several days in a row, just sweep your fingertip across those days. That's it! No other screens, no keyboards, no buttons, and no pain!

xoCal is amazing for keeping track of your work schedule or your menstrual periods (if you have them). You can use xoCal to make sure you do something every day or note the days that you don't intend to do anything (e.g. vacations, days off, etc.). You can decide what days are important to you, and how you mark them, to literally do anything you want with xoCal.


- Tap a day to mark it with an "X"
- Tap a marked day to remove the "X"

- Double-tap a day to "circle the day"
- Double-tap any circled day to remove the circle

- Swipe right on the calendar to mark a series of days with an "X"
- Swipe left on the calendar to remove a series of marks or circles

- Swipe up on the calendar to flip to the next month
- Swipe down on the calendar to flip to the previous month

- Swipe quickly, or slowly, right or left on the calendar header to quickly, or slowly, change months

- Double-tap on the daily information footer to return to the current day


To contact us about xoCal, send your questions, comments, and suggestions to info@eNATAL.com.